About Me

My name is Dr. Yulia Levashova MCIArb, I am an Assistant professor at Nyenrode Business University, the Netherlands and an Associate Research Fellow at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.  I am also the Director of Dispute Prevention Program at the Asia Pacific FDI Network and a member of the Charted Institute of Arbitrators. My expertise is international investment law and international commercial law.

I have studied Russian law in Saratov State Law Academy. After studying Russian law, I decided to obtain a law degree in international law and become an international lawyer. This brought me to the Netherlands, where based on my academic merits, I received a scholarship and started my studies at the University College Roosevelt (Utrecht University). After receiving my BA (cum laude), I was accepted to the LLM programme ‘International Business Law and Globalisation’ at Utrecht University with a scholarship that I have successfully completed with a distinction.

Having undertaken academic research in international investment law over the past seven years, in 2018 I have defended my PhD dissertation ‘The Right of States to Regulate in their Public Interest and the Right of Investors to Receive Fair and Equitable Treatment’ at Utrecht University.

I have been a legal consultant to the UNCTAD on investment issues and has contributed to the 2019 World Investment Report. My research areas are diverse. I am specializing on the fair and equitable treatment obligation and an investor’s due diligence; SEZs and investment law and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Over the years, I have authored numerous publications in the field of international investment law, including the book “The Right of States to Regulate in International Investment Law: The Search for Balance between Public Interest and Fair and Equitable Treatment” (2019) published in the International Arbitration Law Library series by Wolters Kluwer.

I am enjoying organizing international conferences and webinars. For example, in 2017, I have organized a side event on the interaction of international investment law and the Sustainable Development Goals during the UNCTAD 2018 World Investment Forum. International policymakers from the UN and the EU Commission, as well as national policymakers, academics and legal experts from Spain, Serbia, Indonesia, Argentina and the Netherlands participated at the event.

In the course of my career, I have enjoyed a collaboration with researchers from multiple foreign universities, including the European University Institute in Italy (2012), Ghent University in Belgium (2014-2015) and at the Max Planck Institute in Germany (summer 2015).  I was admitted as a visiting scholar to these Universities because of my academic performance and innovative research proposals.