Presentation at the Colloquium – University of Zaragoza ‘International Investment Law & Competition Law’

In my presentation, I discussed ‘State aid schemes and the legitimate expectations of foreign investors.’ In state aid law, the concept of legitimate expectations has been applied by the EU courts far more restrictively in comparison to the investment tribunals under IIAs. As a matter of principle, a recipient of state aid may not rely […]

Position paper on “Model Dutch BIT” written in co-authorship with T. Lambooy presented at the Second Chamber of the Dutch government on 28 January 2019

The Dutch Model Investment Agreement (hereafter: DMIA) is an agreement that belongs to the new generation of investment agreements, in which the drafters aimed to balance the state’s right to regulate with a proper treatment of foreign investors. The DMIA includes a number of innovative and forward-looking provisions. We have provided the comments on the […]

Investment treaties and level playing fields – 5th Annual OECD Investment Treaty Conference – 11 March 2019

Calls for a level playing field are a growing challenge for trade and investment treaty policy makers. At the 5th annual Conference, governments, stakeholders and experts will debate how level playing field concerns interact with investment policy.  On behalf of UNCTAD, I have participated at the OECD Investment Treaty Conference making several interventions.  See the […]

Organisation of a conference: “Towards Realisation of the SDGs on the National Level: Challenges posed by International Investment Law” during the UNCTAD Investment Forum 2018, Geneva

In order to achieve the SDGs, a substantial amount of investment is required. Foreign direct investment (FDI) has a potential to contribute to realising the SDGs, e.g. by investing in renewable energy projects needed for the transition to a low carbon economy, or by developing water and sewage infrastructure in cities. FDI can also have […]

The book launch “Y. Levashova, The Right of States to Regulate in their Public Interest and The Right of Investors to Receive Fair and Equitable Treatment, (Kluwer Arbitration Series, 2019)” at the UNCTAD High-level IIA Conference, Geneva

It has been a pleasure to launch my book The Right of States to Regulate in their Public Interest and The Right of Investors to Receive Fair and Equitable Treatment, (Kluwer Arbitration Series, 2019) at the academic event during 2019 UNCTAD High-level IIA Conference, Geneva. I have shared the insights of my book, which is one […]

Investment regulation after COVID-19 emergency: perspectives and challenges

  A webinar on the topic ‘Investment regulation after COVID-19 emergency: perspectives and challenges’ is on 18 September at 16.00 pm organized by the Napoli University. In the webinar, COVID-19 and its impact on foreign direct investment (FDI) is discussed. My presentation is on the legitimate expectations of foreign investors and the state’s right to […]

Balancing States’ Responses and the Protection of Foreign Investors in the (Post) Pandemic World

  The webinar will evaluate a long-lasting impact of the pandemic on FDIs from state and investor perspectives. The most prominent academics, practitioners and the representatives of international organisations will discuss the COVID-19 crisis in relation to investment arbitration claims. The conference will be comprised of three panels. The first panel will focus on the […]


webinar (online)

International economic law after the return of (geo)politics:  in search of balance This workshop engages with the question of balance in international economic law (IEL)—balance within IEL (between trade and non-trade related values) and balance between IEL and national sovereignty in times of (geo-)political turbulence. The workshop is divided in three parts, focusing on international […]