Balancing States’ Responses And The Protection Of Foreign Investors In The (Post) Pandemic World

The webinar that has taken place on 9 October 2020 has evaluated a long lasting impact of pandemic on FDIs from state and investor perspectives. The most prominent academics, practitioners and the representatives of international organisations have discussed the COVID-19 crisis in relation to investment law. The webinar was comprised of three panels. The first panel focused on the state’s perspective and addressed the international law defences e.g. the necessity defence; force majeure etc. The experts in the second panel analysed the legal avenues available to foreign investors under IIAs and their legitimacy in the current crisis. The third panel discussed the response to pandemic from the perspectives of different countries and the perspective of international organisations, e.g. UNCTAD. 

The link to a full webinar is here:

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It was a pleasure to organise the CREDIMI webinar ‘Balancing States’ Responses and the Protection of Foreign Investors in the (Post) Pandemic World’ together with Dr. Pascale Accaoui Lorfing. We had great speakers and moderators who were able to elaborate and to analyse the most relevant issues in the field of FDI that we are facing today.

Speakers and moderators

Prof Attila Tanzi (University of Bologna)

Prof Catharine Titi (CNRS-CERSA, University Paris II Panthéon-Assas)

Prof Clotilde Fortier (University of Burgundy)

Prof Mohammed Abdel Wahab (Zulficar & Partners Law Firm)

Prof Sébastien Manciaux (University of Burgundy)

Prof Alvaro Galindo (Georgetown University Law Center)

Mr Hamed El-Kady (UNCTAD)

Prof Makane Moïse Mbengue (University of Geneva)

Prof Arpita Mukherjee (Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations)

Dr Pascale Accaoui Lorfing (CREDIMI)

Dr Yulia Levashova (Nyenrode Business University/Utrecht University)